Public Buildings

Public Building

Public Buildings Natural daylight in relation to energy saving, aesthetic and health benefits, is often discussed by architects and designers. Natural daylight is associated with energy efficiency, but natural light also boosts well-being and performance levels, and can lead to the improved productivity within public building environments. Natural daylight In the education sector has been […]

Commercial Buildings

Opening Flat Rooflights

Commercial Rooflights when used in commercial premises are often required to perform a variety of functions, in addition to the daylight and ventilation requirements. This could be in the form of maintenance access to a roof space or for fire safety rooflight applications, allowing smoke to escape a building in the event of a fire, […]

Residential Buildings

NuDawn Rooflights

Residential Maximising the amount of natural light that enters you building, has many benefits for your household. Not only improving productivity, happiness and health, but also to reduce your electricity bills. Rooflights and skylights can banish shadows and dark spots from even the darkest of houses and fill the home with sunlight. Added to that […]