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We have a history of working with metal stretching back to 1893. During the 1914 – 1918 War we were contractors to HM Government supplying horseshoes, nails and brackets for the gun carriages and other horse drawn vehicular items.

In the 21 years of peace between the wars we expanded into a specialist manufacturer of builders’ ironwork, taking out patents for many of the products that we produced. When hostilities commenced again in 1939, the company reverted to the role of supplier to the War Department, providing components for tanks, bailey bridges, ladders etc. In 1945 the company expanded rapidly into structural steelwork whilst continuing the original business in the building industry.

Manufactured entirely in Great Britain, the NuDawn range offers something for architects, contractors and clients alike, whether your requirements are led by design practicality, ease of installation, maintenance or safety.
NuDawn have a deserved reputation for providing high quality products and for being one of the leading suppliers of flat rooflight glazing solutions; we can be trusted to deliver excellence – every time. We are helping to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by manufacturing our NuDawn range of rooflights and skylights in Great Britain rather than using lorries, boats or planes to import them from Eastern Europe or the Far East.

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