Bespoke Solutions
From your two dimensional architect plans to making your dreams a reality. With our bespoke service, we can work with you to produce glazing solutions to the size and configuration that you require.
Bespoke Solutions
From your two dimensional architect plans to making your dreams a reality. With our bespoke service, we can work with you to produce glazing solutions to the size and configuration that you require.

Beautifully crafted roof lights individually designed for your project

As a leading manufacturer of bespoke aluminium rooflights and skylights we are confident that you simply cannot buy a better quality product than a NuDawn rooflight.

Unlike other rooflight companies, we don’t do upgrades as we only use the highest quality materials as standard. From the frames to the paint finish and the high specification glazing, a NuDawn skylight is quality from start to finish.

Lifting your designs from the two dimensional architect plans and turning them into a working product can be difficult. Our service is truly bespoke and you can work with us to produce rooflights to the size and configuration that you want. Internal and external colours, glazing specification and actuation can all be decided by you.

UK design, manufacture & assembly

We do it all here. Your project will start and finish in the UK; from your initial discussion about your requirements, through to your approval drawings, the production and the hand finishing. We are readily available via phone, email and live chat to ensure that we can help at any time throughout the process.

No project too small

We pride ourselves on our approach to all projects and are as happy to produce one off small items as we are the larger projects. If you require something unique to suit your home, then we can help regardless of size or quantity.

A clear and simple process

We always aim to provide a written quotation on the same day as you request it. This will list out the requirements relative to each NuDawn aluminium rooflight, so you can understand exactly what you are getting for the price quoted.

The quotation is provided without charge and you are under no obligation to accept.
Should you decide to place an order with us, our design team will produce an approval drawing for each rooflight on the order. This process can take up to 48 hours. Once your bespoke rooflight drawing/s are prepared we will send them to you via email for you to review.

When you are happy that the drawing/s exactly match your requirements we need your written approval (usually via email) to move into the production stage. You are able to make as many changes and alterations to the drawings as necessary and we will not produce anything until you are happy for us to do so. The approval drawing is the final stage before the manufacturing process. Once you approve your drawing any subsequent changes will incur costs.

If you do not understand your drawing please make sure that you speak to your builder or architect. The approval drawing will be the last document issued prior to manufacturing and will supersede your original enquiry or details shown on any quotation provided by us. If there is any discrepancy or error it will need to be highlighted as this point. If at any time you would like to discuss your drawing or query any information contained within it, please contact us via phone, email or live chat.

The manufacturing and hand finishing process usually take around 3-4 weeks, although this can increase for projects that require specialist glazing components.

Please ensure that you have adequate facilities on site to unload your delivery and tell us if there are any restrictions or difficulties that may hinder the delivery process. It will be necessary for you to have suitable equipment or manpower on site to unload.

If you require specific delivery requirements or a dedicated vehicle, please talk to us. Your bespoke NuDawn aluminium rooflight will benefit from the same comprehensive guarantee as all our NuDawn rooflights, skylights and balustrades.

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Please note that all of our bespoke rooflights are manufactured at the point of order and are deemed to be special (bespoke) items. Bespoke items are non-refundable so it is important that you choose the right products when you order. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact us via phone, email or live chat to ensure that the product you are buying is right for your project. Any deposit payment taken for bespoke products are non-refundable due to the work involved in producing these items.

Please refer to our current terms & conditions for full details. By placing an order with us, it will be deemed that you accept our terms & conditions.

In addition it should also be noted that whilst we are able to offer bespoke rooflights and skylights to any RAL colour, the silicones, tapes and rubbers will always be black. Please note that we are not able to accept returns of products that have been adapted or manufactured to customer requirements. In addition, we cannot refund deposits for work already started nor can we issue refunds for delivery costs, fixed standard sizes or electric actuators.

Our rooflights are available with electric actuator options. The actuators used are based on a number of factors including design and application. Not only do these drives provide the lift for the casement, they also provide the fixing (lock) when the casement is closed.

Unless otherwise requested by you, our delivery is to the site address only. Due to the sizes and weights of bespoke rooflights, the unloading and lifting process is the responsibility of the customer and the site team.

The majority of bespoke designs cannot be unloaded by tail lift and it is therefore essential that you have the appropriate equipment and or people on site to unload. If you are unable to arrange your own offload, please talk to us and we can provide a quotation for additional equipment or manpower to assist on site.

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